Happy Birthday, Rabbit!

Today is a special day — the birthday of one of my former teachers, who is amazing and inspirational and one of my personal heroes (Happy Birthday, Mike!) — and the birthday of a prince among men, our own Rabbit. Happy Birthday, Rabbit!!!

rabbit high five
Way to go being awesome, dude!

In just a month, these two birthday guys will be sitting at the same table, bidding on things they don’t need, and I will have the good fortune to be sitting there, too, grinning like the village idiot because it’s so entirely cool that we’re all under the same (canvas) roof.  Actually…what will make it cooler is if we once again score the mega-bottle of champagne, and I manage to pour it without drowning everyone at the table.  But that’s asking a lot…

Uhhh…so this is awkward…I know I’m a rabbit…but I don’t actually *love* salad…

Although I’ve only known the Rabbit for a few years, they’ve been jam-packed years. The kind of years that make you say, “How in the flying hell is this my life?”  Or, on some occasions, “Will you come visit me in prison if I kill a few people?”  And somehow the Rabbit always has the right answer (“Hell if I know,” and “Absolutely, with cake,” respectively).

When you’re down, the Rabbit will try to see things from your point of view.

The Rabbit’s been there through good times and bad — hunting the coyotes and pulling the Jeep out of the mud and frying the oysters and cleaning the goose and sympathizing over the severed toe and the stuck mower and the many, many injustices of the world.

He will even bring you a salad, against his better judgment, if he thinks it will make you happy.


for the thousand times you’ve made me laugh so hard it hurt…

for the fact that you are in a bromance with my bro based largely on mutual injuries….

for picking me up off your office floor when you weren’t sure if I was joking or dying….

So…is this a nap, or should I call for help?

for all the exegesis papers you’ve read….

for putting the financial statements into word problems so I could understand them…

for the office space – particularly the hard floor and the metal drawer above my head….

for being an amazing friend,


Sound advice in all circumstances.

Wishing you the very best birthday, and many, many more!! (It could happen!)

From Your Bad Decision Making Friend,



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Rabbit!

  1. CSH, thank you for the kind birthday wishes by way of Whatsleftundone! Absolutely special!! Your friendship has added a new dimension to the Rabbit hutch. It has, most certainly been my pleasure to get to know and love your amazing family. It has been like a fine meal of drama and orderly chaos, finished off with a double serving of laughter and love. Thank you for bringing us into your family. And to your Bro I share this quote from the all time classic educational series, Bugs Bunny, “I want to hold him and squeeze him and make him all mine!” Love!


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